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When we started everything, we always had an essay called A Scientific Psychology Project in mind. In this famous essay that Freud sent to Fliess, we saw the master's concern for organic explanations for psychology. However, this seemed rather difficult for his time because neuroimaging systems had not yet been invented. This experiment has undoubtedly inspired many scientists. At the beginning of everything, we thought that this should not be just a theory. We decided that this was a job worth striving for and thinking about.


In fact, psychology seems to be in a phase of division, as Vygotsky once predicted. There seems to be a more psychic group that offers organic explanations about the inner world and does not care much about this organism. The two greatest principles left to us from the sciences are objectivity and doubt. Only by objective observation can truth be discerned, but objectivity is meaningless if it is not doubted. Here, the concept of the inner world of human beings should be approached with an objective and skeptical attitude. One day, of course, purely organic explanations will be made and the mysteries of the brain will be solved one by one, but the curiosity of human beings will never cease and they will be able to think about new mysteries. While the Journal of Psychotheory was still an idea in our minds, we were of the opinion that it should serve students and appeal to a scientific student body. The main purpose of our journal was to be a publication where students can contribute to science, express their ideas in a scientific style, and give priority to thought. If we have come a little closer to this goal, it is a contribution to science, a gift to humanity.


In the beginning, it was the common opinion of all of us that addressing only psychology students was a very restrictive view. In order for the journal to appeal to all students but still remain scientific, we identified certain themes: neuroscience, where organic explanations of the human mind come from, psychoanalysis, which interprets the inner world and is open to discussion, and philosophy of mind, which is skeptical of man and has an important position for science today. These three basic disciplines are the three basic keys that science holds in order to understand human beings, and it is a fact that students' opinions about them can contribute to science. The Journal of Psychotheory was transferred from idea to practice, representing this fact.


Aleyna Böyük

Emir H. Özer

Tuna Gökçe 

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